"I Am a first generation Hereford breeder and my step son Garret then being second generation, but I grew up a farmers daughters son with hard work ethnics and high integrity instilled through family values. Family is the important thing in life, God being the most important and breeding Herefords a great and fulfilling blessing."
  1. Raising Bulls
    Raising Bulls
    The bulls are introduced to a creep feeder at pre-weaning vaccination time, about 3-4 weeks prior to weaning. They are then put on a moderate ration of hay and grain from Cache Commodities in Utah which contains "VitaFerm". Bulls are NOT run in a feed lot but are required to travel high desert hills to food and water for functional conditioning. Finally, they have access to the best, "Concept-Aid" mineral, free choice for fertility.
  2. Show World
    Show World
    We love to compete and we have competitive heifers available. Although the show world is not the real world that we breed for, our first priority is raising cattle for the real world commercial cattlemen. Anything beyond that is a bonus and fun. Keeping phenotypical good cattle in mind while producing practical, functional cattle to go to work can be challenging but I do believe in the breed as a whole I'm seeing these two "worlds" coming closer together.

Third generation

Tom Wiseman